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Pizza King a Hit for Limoncello Thailand

An endless conveyor belt of Pizza, not a dream, Roberto Ugolini has made it a reality in Bangkok. The explosion of the Pizza King Brand is another success from Master Restaurateur Roberto Ugolini and his Limoncello Thailand. Pizza King is the latest in a rapidly expanding Italian product range presented from Limoncello Thailand.
Limoncello prides itself on offering Fresh and Delicious Italian food, serving only great tasting & authentic Italian products that make you feel happy and healthy. The key to success according to Dr. Roberto is using a special wheat, finely prepared and personally selected mix of the flour directly imported from Italy. The careful temperature controlled 48 hr curing time used to produce the pizza base allows the best flavor and taste in the traditional way.
A fresh Light and Healthy product, which is easy to digest leaving you feeling satisfied and happy at every meal. Wheat which is sourced from Italy’s famous heartlands directly is a Chef and artisans dream. This Unique Wheat is known to give you strength and stamina.

The same wheat is used to produce the distinctive Italian organic pizza bases and classic Italian breads & pasta’s. There is No Substitute for the Italian Traditional methods to produce Limoncello’s delicious Pizza King’s, pizza range. The Pizza served at Limoncello Sathorn is “Hand Crafted to perfection” and enjoyed best with friend and VIP’s
The Chefs at Limoncello group are very busy creating the finest Italian products daily for you to enjoy with friends.


Mr. Roberto Ugolini, managing director of Pizza King Thailand, White box Phuket, Limoncello Bangkok and many other important restaurants in Thailand. Mr.Roberto managed to make importing connections with Tokyo,Singapore,Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur and in these countries he imports precious foods like Truffles and other foods from the European countries. Food that the Asian hemisphere couldn’t ever immagine.
The Truffle in a brief amount of time it managed to conquer Asia thanks to Mr.Roberto’s skills and high quality products that are supplied by Urbani Truffles the best Truffles on the market.
Great success came with the Urbani Truffle pizza at Pizza King also Truffle Flavoured sushi sticks and Steakhouses and Grills served with Urbani Truffles, but recently at White Box in Phuket and Paris Bangkok in Bangkok and Limoncello in Bangkok there has been a new invention which will make two and a half billion people in China and Indonesia and Asia, That invention is Truffle flavoured Durian chips, The fruit that Asians love the most.
“Now in Asia where the population is more than 60% of the worlds population”, Explains Ugolini, “There has always been copies or imitations, in the late 20th century people thought that the only thing that could be copied are clothes and handbags, but now the same idea has been applied to food.
In America parmesan and prosciutto or even other cheeses, are copied from places all around the world.
In China, Vietnam and in Australia they’re starting to commercialise Truffles but that lack the true taste of Truffles, but in the Urbani Family culture and tradition is shown in their products but always respecting the tradition which has been seen in six generations.
The French inelegantly protected the culture and quality found in their champagne to Prosecco and the moment people understand by what we mean when we say “Real Truffles” the name it’s gotten in Italy is “Tartufo” where in English is translated to “Truffle”.
The French truffle is the only and true truffle that Urbani represents worldwide, and we also want to represent that in Asia, Paolo Urbani the founder was called “Il Cavaliere del lavoro” which means The Knight of the Work, the word Urbani means Truffles, the true one and guaranteed by their story and quality that has never been compared to”, “it’s a great Honour for us says Olga Urbani, Owner/Manager of Urbani Truffles, “to be represented also in Asia by a entrepreneur like Ugolini, who is always aware of the quality of the products that he offers, in hopes to find an invention in a world the seems so far from the Asian taste but which as been revealed to be a stronghold for the New taste, open for new Flavours, in a land where the truffle is being depopulated and where the tradition of our country are held in consideration. Like my Grandparents many years ago who would export this precious hypogeum mushroom to America, where no one knew that you could find the diamond of the soil, Today its my generations goal and which will be, to conquer The Asian Peninsula and thanks to precious a person like Roberto, we have no doubts that we’ll continue to grow”