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Pasta & Rice

If in each family there is a VIP, in ours the leader is Spaghetto Quadrato. Originated along Abruzzi-Molise region is typically hand made with a special tool that reminds a guitar, therefore the name Spaghetti alla Chitarra.

Spaghetto alla chitarra of La Molisana was included in the regional pasta group along with other regional specialties. To emphasize that amazing shape CEO Giuseppe Ferro (who represents the first questioning tester of our pasta) and decided to move it into the basic line of le Quotidiane.

Moreover in his action plan he decided also to upgrade the name that became Spaghetto quadrato and the dimension that developed into a perfect squared form of 2×2 mm. Then it became a registered trademark.

After that we started a larger scale cross channel communication plan that included in store promotion, sampling distribution in the supermarket, workshop and pasta testing, sponsorship in critical events, magazine advertorials and social network activities to engage the consumers. During the events we proposed a social gaming focused around an amazing head gear made by Spaghetto quadrato, consumers had to dress the humorous hat, shot a selfie and take part to a contest, in order to win a supply for one year. When  the Tv commercial is on air, the Spaghetto Quadrato is already a must have.

What else? Wouldn’t be nice if it settles a family?


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